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Wilson's Disease A Clinician's Guide to Recognition

Brewer is the world's leading expert on Wilson's disease, seeing and caring for over 300 patients with the disease during the last 20 years. He is a professor of human genetics at the University of Michigan.

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The chronic liver injury in Wilson's disease is caused by excess free copper, and the liver disease often stabilizes or even improves once the excess copper is

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IJMS Free Full-Text Wilson's Disease A Comprehensive

Wilson's disease is an inherited metabolic disease and is lethal if left without timely diagnosis and treatment. Due to the heterogeneity of the clinical manifestations, misdiagnosis is common, thereby leaving many patients without timely treatment.

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2015Fei Wu Jing Wang Chunwen Pu Liang Qiao Chunmeng JiangBioinformatics Wilson's disease

Wilson's Disease by Julia Rosario on Prezi

Wilson's Disease Type Of Inheritance Wilson disease is an autosomal recessive disease, it occurs equally in men and women. In order to inherit Wilson disease, both parents must carry one genetic mutation that each parent passes to the affected child.

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Wilson disease of the brain MR imaging. Radiology

Twenty-three patients with biochemically proved Wilson disease underwent magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the brain. Positive findings, believed secondary to this condition, were found in 15 subjects. Findings varied among patients, but there were striking similarities between certain groups of patients. Areas of abnormal signal were seen in the lenticular, thalamic, caudate, and dentate

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